The site is owned by two separate businesses, controlled by the Lazari family. The first of which, (22-26 High Road, Wood Green, N22), is owned by a newly formed development company named Lazari Developments Limited, incorporated in February 2016. This was recently demerged out of the original Lazari Investments Limited Group, formed in 1976, which owns the remainder of the site (28-42 High Road, Wood Green, N22).

The family businesses are owned between Maritsa Lazari and her three children, Len, Nicholas and Andrie Lazari. The Directors of Lazari are experienced and well established in the property development and management sector, with a combined total of 71 years experience.

The three siblings and their mother grew up in Turnpike Lane, so regenerating this part of Wood Green is close to their hearts.

Lazari are passionate about reviving spaces for communities across London, regenerating areas and boosting the local economy for generations to come. Lazari strives to create and maintain appealing workplaces and high quality residential living. Therefore, Lazari frequently upgrade their buildings to meet the requirements of their tenants and the ever changing business world in which they operate.